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15/04 # keep me in your duaas   I really need them   oh yeah follow me on instagram (my url is the same there)   I will reply to all the messages asap   it's been more then two weeks ps is deleted :((  

                                  ✧・゚:*。 for AYESHA

07/04 # EVERYONE REBLOG IT RIGHT AWAY   this is incredible   OMFG how did you do it? like bring this alive   I feel so lucky and fortunate to have you   seriosuly you took so much time for me : I am sure this was time consuming   like for real people nowadays don't even want spare minutes   you spend so much time for me : unbelievable :O   pika you inspiration not only on ps as human being   I really look up to you as someone who is role model   i was and am still is startle by this gift   I love it so much   i feel like every edit/graphic describe something but I am so illiterate to understand it   how do edit this is asljjfknffghAMAZING!!!   What is your secret?   best gift ever : birthday   i love you pika   Deepika Padukone   major photoshop envy and you are queen/rajkumari   I wish I could give you hug and tell you how much this means to me   This is so pretty and gorgeouse   I am going to reblog this again FYI   You really made my so happy that nothing can make me feel bad   THANK YOU SO MUCH :d   May Allah swt reaward you the bets in your life   never see unhappy day and bless you with joy and untoubled life   please be there for me because you bring smile to my fav   thank you for being the so kind and sweet yaar   amen   ily<333   i still have not did justice with tags but just so you know this is the most WOWOW GRAPHIC/EDIT/GIFS HAVE EVER SEEN  

It’s been forever I watched movie which left me wanting more.. Queen was amazing!!! 

05/04 # queen :kangana   it will be one of my fav now   hopelessly wanting alexander to end up with rani haha.. yup don't look at me :$   thank you for the link pika<3   my next step is to make my freinds to watch this movie .   I was kind of rani place: met the best people   lalal I dould not be happy anyways have awesome day everyone :)   should*  

Self-knowledge is no guarantee of happiness. But it is no the side of happiness and can supply the courage to fight for it . 

-Simone De Beauvoir  

02/04 # (whatever you are be good one)   simone beauvoir   quotes  
02/04 # beintehaa   preetika rao   Zaya   harshad arora   tellywood   zain and aliya   Gifs  

I pray that God will bless you in everything that you do. I pray that you will grow intellectually, so that you can understand the problems of the world and where you fit into, in that world picture. And I pray that all of the fear that has ever been in your heart will be taken out.

Malcolm X, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz  (via aseeyax)

01/04 # amen   Dua is weapon   use wisely!  

Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers. They means a lot to me yaar . I guess Allah did not wanted for me or I was not good enough. I wake up 5 am to see the results and I did not get it. Now I guess I will have look for another one urgh  will be homeless or I want to die. There is no sign of happiness .  

30/03 # Life is sad song   nothing is helping   I am having awful day : great  

Please make dau that the test thing I just did .. I get it right because it will really decide the future for me. It will help my family immensely. please keep me in prayers . 

29/03 # Please keep me in your duas/prayers   everything happening so neg and we need help   thank you all :)   I hope I get this one thing  
24/03 # beintehaa   harshad arora   tellywood   zain and aliya   preetika rao   Gifs  

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.

― Thích Nhất Hạnh (via psych-quotes)

24/03 # I have no idea how to put in words   It's aspiration!   it makes me feel one day will be okay ( might be happy)   I live every minute by hope :)